Tzedakah, or Giving Back

In Hebrew, the word tzedakah refers to the moral obligation to give back to one’s community. In 2019, ANNiKA Jewelry instituted a new tzedakah program, in which we will donate 10% of profit. We will select a new organization to support every 6 months, with a focus on organizations addressing social justice.

JANUARY-JUNE 2019 Sponsored Organization: Survived and Punished

From Annika:

I became aware of Survived and Punished while diving into the work of one of its organizers, Mariame Kaba, a writer, activist and organizer. Kaba’s work includes efforts to end violence through understanding the conditions which lead to it, challenging the prison industrial complex, transformative justice, and youth leadership development. Her work with Survived and Punished focuses on supporting individuals who have been punished for defending themselves against their abusers. In their own words:

“Survived & Punished is a national coalition that includes survivors, organizers, victim advocates, legal advocates and attorneys, policy experts, scholars, and currently and formerly incarcerated people. S&P organizes to de-criminalize efforts to survive domestic and sexual violence, support and free criminalized survivors, and abolish gender violence, policing, prisons, and deportations. S&P has affiliates in New York City, Chicago, and California statewide. It was founded in 2016 by organizers from the Stand With Nan-Hui defense campaign, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Love & Protect (then known as Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander), and the national Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign.”

For more information about Survived and Punished, visit

Read more here from Mariam Kaba about the criminalization of survivors who have defended themselves against their abusers.