NOTE: Applications are due January 12, 2019 at midnight central time!

ANNiKA is looking for a few individuals with great style and creative photography skills to represent and create content for the brand!

POC, LGBTQIA , non-binary folx, people in bigger bodies, and people of all ages are highly encouraged to apply.


-A strong sense of personal style

-An interest in unique and creative documentation of style, and the ability to shoot beautiful imagery

-Be active on Instagram - but you needn’t have a huge following! Not looking for “influencers” here, just individuals with a compelling point of view

How it works:

-Ambassadors will receive 3 pieces of jewelry selected by me, and will creatively photograph the jewelry. Applicants may apply solo, or with a shooting partner

-Ambassadors will be expected to produce 10 unique images beautifully highlighting ANNiKA Jewelry. These images may include shots on you or a friend, shots of the work in a still life setup, or a mixture of the 2. If you apply as a duo, 20 unique images will be required

-Images shot on a DSLR camera are preferred, although high quality iPhone images may be sufficient

-Images must be submitted within 60 days of receiving the product

-The imagery created may be used in print and online promotional materials and on social media

-Although ambassadors are encouraged to share the images on their social media to encourage cross-promotion, they are not obligated to

-ANNiKA Jewelry reserves the right to crop/edit photos

-Ambassadors will sign a contract agreeing to these terms before receiving their 3 pieces of jewelry


Ambassadors will receive 3 pieces of jewelry (likely one pair of earrings, one ring, and one bracelet or necklace) for their efforts, a total of $400-$700 worth of product. If you would like to apply with a friend, each individual will receive 3 pieces, for a total of 6.

Think you’re a good fit for this project? Fill out the form below, and I will get back to you within 2 weeks!

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